About us

Home of Cricket in North Vancouver since 1921

NSCC is one of the oldest sports club in North Vancouver. 2018 marks the 97th year of the North Shore Cricket club. Our members pride themselves on striving for excellence on the field and great camaraderie off the field. We field 4 teams in the British Columbia Mainland Cricket League (BCMCL) with a level of play to suit all enthusiasts from juniors to experienced, competitive cricketers. Our home ground is Norgate Park and Inter River in North Vancouver, BC.


North Shore Cricket Club was formed in 1921, when the club took on all comers at the south end of Boulevard Park in ‘two-evening games’ – one team batting until darkness the first evening, with their opponents playing their innings the following evening. The North Shore League was formed shortly thereafter. The NorthVans, Lonsdales, Lynn Valley and West Vancouver were all combined in what was affectionately known as the “Home Brew League.” NSCC emerged from the North Shore League and fielded teams in the First, Second and Third divisions of the BC Mainland League.



Between the wars, NSCC quickly became known as exponents of “Cheerful Cricket.” The First XI captured the Fife Smith Shield one year but the highlight to veteran spectators was a last wicket stand by Rej Haworth and Vic Vicory of 112 runs to win a match at New Westminster which finished in almost total darkness. Prominent players from our club who represented Canada were Ted Smyth, Robin Johnston, Bob Sowden, Bob Quintrell, Barry Seebaran, Kevin Sandher and Basil Robinson who Captained the Canadian XI. BC Reps include Peter Darling, Bob Gauvreaux John Blackmore, Vas Gunaratne, Chris Dunning, Iain Dixon, Sebastian Baldwin, David Butcher, and Manoj Perera. North Shore Cricket Week flourished annually until 1940 when the players left for other duty. It was not until 1945 that the “Home Brew Club” took to the cricket field again.

In 1954, the club moved to our present home field ‘Norgate park’. In 1960, due to lack of reserve strength, the club was reduced to one team, but North Shore managed to win divisional championships in 1955 and 1972. 1980 saw the re-emergence of a North Shore Second XI, and a Third team in 1985.



With the growth and enthusiasm of junior cricket on the ‘Shore, a Fourth Team was added in 1991 to foster their development alongside our senior players. 1991 is also the year when we regained promotion to the First Division. Finally, a Fifth North Shore team was added under the guidance of Jai Jadhav which is a dedicated ‘Colts’ junior team in 1998. After winning the Second Division Title in 1994, our First Team has played in the top division since. We were included in the inaugural year of a 7-team Premier Division in 1998. Our lads made the Semi-finals in 1998 and 1999 and the Championship final in 2000. The 2000 season, saw NSCC bring a coach from Australia, Brad Murphy, what a fine gentleman, dedicated to the game, he was the driving force behind the emergence of a lot of North Shore youngsters. No slouch with the bat, he scored NSCC quickest hundred, 131 at Brockton Point that season. 2001 – The Captaincy was assumed by Ian Dixon, and under his Captaincy, Shawn Flegler arrived from Australia, scoring 513 runs in League play. Dixon 395, Soden 289, D. McGowan 301, Carwyn Cannon 203, were all big run scorers for the North Shore Premier Team. Ruwan Fonseca took 25 wickets in only 79.6 overs to win the League Bowling Ave. at 8.48. Kevin Sander, 30 wickets at 12.30 , Ryan Cannon, 25 wickets at 12.48, and Carwyn Cannon, 30 wickets at 15.60, took the Premier side to the Division title with 15 wins and 2 losses.The Premiership final against Ismaili, was a thriller with Carwyn Cannon scoring 30 runs off the last over adding to the Nort Shore total which Ismaili could not beat. The Premier side then went to Victoria to win the Provincial Championship easily, Shawn Flegler scoring, 237 himself in one of NSCC finest memories. 2002 was someone anti-climactic as Flegler left but Manoj David arrived scoring 756 runs with an ave. of 84. Kevin Sander won the League Bowling award, 28 wickets, 13.14 average. These statistical performances were marred by the Premier side failing to win the play-offs.

Here is a list of our past club presidents that have contributed to its progress: Early 70’s R. Gauvreau 1978 E. Harris 1982 N. Stewart 1984 G. Maingot 1986 B. Adie 1991 C. Tottle 1993 M. Eccles 1995 B. Adie 2001 W. Sims 2009 R. Jhangiani 2010 W. Sims 2011 H. Kalkat 2012 R. Jhangiani, Bhavjit Jauhar (since 2013)